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About Tsog


*Tsog or Tsok [Tibetan: tshogs]

Tsog (prayers and collective food offering) on the 10th and 25th of each lunar month, Tibetan calendar.

The Tibetan word 'tsogs ' means 'provisions' or 'accumulations' and/or 'feast-offering'.
In this usage, it refers to the 'two accumulations' or provisions of merit and wisdom,
which are gathered over an inestimable period of time.

The fulfillment of the 'two accumulations' constitutes the fruition of the path to Enlightenment.

The overall purpose of tsog is to distribute merit and wisdom to the participants and all sentient beings.

Tibetan Calendar 2007

New Year 2134  Feb 18, 2007 Year of the Female Fire Pig


Guru Rinpoche Tsog - 10th Day of the Tibetan Month 
Monday February 26
Wednesday March 28
Thursday April 26
Saturday May 26
Monday June 25
Tuesday July 24
Thursday August 23
Friday September 21
Sunday October 21
Monday November 19
Wednesday December 19
Thursday January 17, 2008


Dakini Tsog - 25th Day of the Tibetan Month  
Thursday February 12
Wednesday March 14
Thursday April 12
Saturday May 12
Sunday June 10
Monday July 9
Wednesday August 8
Thursday September 6
Friday October 5
Sunday November 4
Tuesday December 4
Wednesday January 2, 2008


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