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Khenpo Tenzin Norgey Dallas Teachings

December 8-12, 2004

Please See Driving Directions To PCD Dallas at bottom of page Before Attending for the First Time

Description of Teachings:

The Nine Yanas 

Seven Line Prayer 

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The Nine Yanas: Gateway to Practice

The Spiritual Vehicles to Complete Enlightenment and All Stages of the Path

Buddhists, academics and all those interested in Eastern philosophies will benefit and delight as Khenpo Norgey, 

an outstanding Buddhist scholar, presents and will de-mystify the profound Nine Yana Vehicles to Complete Enlightenment. 

Including the esoteric Inner Tantra Practices and the Highest Yoga Tantra: Dzogchen.


                           Fri  Dec 10     7 pm - 9 pm    The Nine Yana Vehicles:

                                                                         Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana


                           Sat  Dec 11  10 am - 12 pm   The Nine Yanas: The Outer Tantras

                                               2 pm -   4 pm    The Nine Yanas: The Outer Tantras


                          Sun  Dec 12   10 am - 12 pm    The Nine Yanas: The Inner Tantras

                                          1:30 pm - 3:30 pm  The Nine Yanas: The Inner Tantras

                                                4 pm - 5:30 pm   Refuge and Guru Rinpoche Tsog


Westerners approaching Buddhism for the first time are often confused by what seem to be contradictions

 between the assertions and views of one teacher compared with other Buddhist teachers. This is perhaps all

 the more surprising as they all start from the same premises: The Four Noble Truths.


The Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism classifies the teachings into Nine Yanas or vehicles for 

spiritual realization. These are all equally precious and each is complete within itself with: 

containing a ground, a path and a fruit (result). 


Although each yana can represent a step along a continuum towards the Great Perfection 

(dzogchen or ati yoga: highest yoga tantra) this does not mean that each would necessarily 

be completed before commencing the next.


A teacher may suggest a student engages in practices from any of the yanas as appropriate to the

 developmental needs of the student at the time. All the yanas have the common purpose 

of overcoming the same problem: ‘unsatisfactoriness’ or suffering (dukha).  


Dzogchen (ati yoga) is the highest of the Nine Yanas vehicles in the Inner Yoga teachings. Dzogchen 

is much sought-after and is the most esoteric teaching in Tibetan Buddhism. However, actualization of

 dzogchen teachings by the individual is dependent on receiving authentic ‘mind to mind’ instruction from a

 qualified and realized teacher. The Dzogchen teachings are the precious jewels of the Palyul Nam Chö lineage, 

Nyingma tradition. Dzogchen masters, like Neo in the Matrix, are renowned for transcending ordinary reality.

 Dzogchen represents the pinnacle of spiritual achievement and its fruit: Complete Realization in unshakeable Non-Duality.


How do the all the various Nam Chö practices ‘fit’ within a unified program of spiritual practice: 

with the goal of Complete Realization (Enlightenment)? 

Please join us as all is made clear by Khenpo Norgey in the Nine Yanas teachings!


Seven Line (Vajra) Prayer of Guru Rinpoche 

Wednesday  December 8,  7 pm - 9 pm


Khenpo Norgey will clearly and skillfully explain the outer, inner, and secret teachings of

 The Vajra Seven Line Prayer of Guru Rinpoche.


From Khenpo Norgey:

"The Vajra Seven Line Prayer is one of the main and most sacred prayer to Guru Rinpoche. 

This was first said by dakinis as a praise to Guru Rinpoche.  By reciting this all the adversities will be 

averted and our heart will opened to conceive the blessings of Guru Rinpoche. In the Nyingma tradition,

 the Seven Line Prayer is recited three times at the beginning of every prayer session.  Serious 

practitioners recite this prayer for many thousand times. As this prayer is also a tantra, 

the meaning is deep and profound.  Mipham  Rinpoche gives a detail explanation of its outer, inner 

and secret meanings in his Commentary to the Seven Line Prayer called White Lotus."


The Vajra Seven-Line Prayer is the most sacred and important prayer in the Nyingma tradition.

This short prayer contains the outer, inner, and secret teachings of the esoteric trainings of Buddhism.


All teachings at PCD Dallas 

Advance Registration Price until Dec 6, 2004: 

$100 All Teachings listed

* Scholarships Available *


Mail Registration to: PCD Dallas, P.O. Box 836408, Richardson, TX 75083-6408

Registration Info by Email:


Teachings: $20/weeknight, $40/Sat all day, $40/Sun all day

                                      or $25 for Weekend am or pm session, only

                                                                     *No charge for Guru Rinpoche Tsog admission

                           Total Program:  $120 at door

*No one turned away due to lack of funds! Please contact us for scholarships*

Driving Directions to 

PCD Dallas

320 Terrace Drive, Richardson, TX 75081


  NOTE: The building is not actually 'on' Terrace Drive, it is just south of Terrace Drive 

and faces the back of Maxim’s Restaurant; 

the Post Office assigned the Terrace Drive address to the building.  


PCD Dallas is inside a 2 story tan brick office building just south (facing the back of) Maxim's Restaurant;

Maxim's Restaurant is on the corner of Greenville Ave and Terrace Drive.  


The freeway exit from 75N is (Richardson) Main Street; and closest street intersection is 

Greenville Avenue and (Richardson) Main Street. 


(Greenville is east of 75N and runs parallel to 75N, approximately 1 mile east of the freeway.

The closest major intersection from our location is four blocks south of the center; 

at Greenville Ave and Richardson Main Street.)


Traveling north on Greenville Ave, pass Richardson Main Street and continue for approximately 3 blocks.

Turn right onto Terrace Drive at Maxim’s Restaurant, 

and then go to the end of Maxim’s parking lot and turn right. 


You will then see the 320 Terrace Drive Building in front of you.  

The building is not actually 'on' Terrace Drive, it is just south of Terrace Drive 

and faces the back of Maxim’s Restaurant.


The office building is almost unmarked 

(small numbers '320' are on the actual front door of the office building). 

The office building is the last structure at the south end of the strip shopping center.

We hang prayer flags outside whenever possible (in co-operation with the other building tenants).


PCD Dallas is on the first floor; when you enter the building, walk straight ahead, past the stairs.



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