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Venerable Khenchen

 Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche  


Dallas, Texas Teachings

June 3 - 8, 2004

   Integrated Buddhist Thought and Practice


Palyul Changchub Dargyeling Dallas

Tibetan Buddhism in the Nyingma Tradition, Palyul Lineage

320 Terrace Drive, Richardson, Texas 75081  


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Don't mistake mere words to be the meaning of the teachings. Mingle the

 practice with your own being and attain liberation from samsara right now.

 Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche)


Schedule subject to change at Khenchen Rinpoche's discretion.

       Thursday  June 3*

       Choosing a Teacher: Guru Yoga                7 pm - 9 pm

         From the Nam Chö Ngondro (Foundational Teachings) 'The Great Perfection: Buddha in the Palm of the Hand'

              Link: Guru Yoga Teaching by His Holiness Penor Rinpoche


                In the course of our efforts on the Guru Yoga path, we must bring a strong force of heartfelt regret to purify all our negative

                actions, we must relinquish self-cherishing attitudes, and we must dedicate the merits of our practices to all sentient beings.   The Dalai Lama


           * June 3, 2004  Saga Dawa Düchen Tibetan Buddhist Auspicious Day: 

            Buddha Shakyamuni's Enlightenment and Parinirvana are celebrated. He became enlightened during a full moon

               night in Bodhgaya and entered parinirvana ("passed away") in Kushinagar. During this day, it is said that the effects

               of positive or negative actions are multiplied 100 million  times, so spiritual practice is strongly advised. Please join us 

               for this important teaching on a very auspicious day!


      Friday      June 4 

        Applied Bodhichitta                                   7 pm – 9 pm

          How to Integrate Compassionate ‘Be-ing’ into Daily Living

                                                        * Public Lecture - Donations Gratefully Accepted

          All Mahayana and Vajrayana practitioners take the Bodhisattva vow, reinforcing the 

          commitment to awaken within themselves the same qualities of altruistic 

          Compassion and Wisdom as the Great Bodhisattvas.


          The Bodhisattva, "Being of Enlightenment", embodies the ideal of Compassion 

          and Wisdom. As perfected beings of immense compassion and wisdom, 

          Bodhisattvas have refrained from their own final death (nirvana) to be reborn time and

          again, until all other sentient beings have been liberated from endless suffering of

          rebirth and death. Embodying the universal qualities are the Great Bodhisattvas, as

          exemplars of the realizations and perfections to be attained along the path to Enlightenment.


          Genuine compassion (bodhichitta) is based on the rationale that all human beings have an innate desire 

          to be happy and overcome suffering, just like myself. And, just like myself, they have the natural right 

          to fulfill this fundamental aspiration. On the basis of the recognition of this equality and commonality,

          you develop a sense of affinity with others. With this as a foundation, you can feel compassion regardless

          of whether you view the other person as a friend or an enemy. It is based on the other’s fundamental

          rights rather than your own mental projection. Upon this basis, then, you will generate love and

          compassion. That’s genuine compassion.  The Vth Dalai Lama


           The Bodhisattva is like the mightiest of Warriors, but his enemies are not common flesh and bone.

           His fight is with inner delusions: the afflictions of self-cherishing and ego-grasping; those most

           terrible of demons, that catch living beings in the snare of confusion.  And cause them forever to

           wander in pain, frustration and sorrow. His mission is to harm ignorance and delusion, never living

           beings. These he looks upon with kindness, patience and empathy. Cherishing them like a mother

           cherishes her only child. He is a real Hero, calmly facing any hardship In order to bring happiness

           and liberation to the world. The XIIIth Dalai Lama


      Saturday    June 5 

         Medicine Buddha Empowerment  (wang and lung)  10 am – 12 noon  

        Medicine Buddha is the Healing Buddha, and is  basis of Tibetan Medicine, 

         offering healing for the whole person: physical, emotional, and spiritual.                    

         More Info About Empowerments


    Healing with Medicine Buddha  (tri)                       2:30 pm –  4:30 pm 

       Commentary and Practice Instructions

          Introduction to Tibetan Medicine

          The historical Shakyamuni Buddha provided teachings on healing and systems of medicine which were

          collected into four volumes called "The Four Medicine Tantras". These teachings became the basis for the

          system of medicine practiced in Tibet and other Buddhist lands. They are characterized by a belief that all

          disease is essentially rooted in a psychosomatic cause, namely, spiritual confusion. His Holiness the Dalai Lama 

          teaches that although there is no beginning point of the root confusions, there can be an end to them

          through enlightenment. The many confusions may be traced to three main poisons, or wrong attitudes, of

          greed (grasping), hatred (fear), and ignorance (mistaken beliefs). Until the mistaken attitudes are released,

          all other cures are at best, only temporary. Unlike ignorance, Wisdom does have a beginning, but no end!

          Once we do cleanse our beliefs, we reach a luminous enlightened mind, free of stain, which remains eternally so.


      Sunday    June 6

      Sutra of Remembering the Three Precious Jewels:

                        Buddha, Dharma, Sangha     10 am – 12 noon

    Refuge Ceremony                                  2:30 pm –  4:30 pm 

        Taking Refuge Explanation


               After engaging in the basic contemplative practices, students often feel the desire

               to do something more, to actually commit to a spiritual path and approach to life.

               When we "Take Refuge" we commit to turning away from our own suffering to

               unfold our own basic goodness, realize freedom and allow compassion to arise.


                 By simply taking Refuge, you plant the seed of liberation within yourself. You distance yourself

                 from all the negative actions you have accumulated and develop more and more positive actions.

                 Taking Refuge is the support for all vows, the source of all good qualities. Ultimately it will lead

                 you to the state of Buddhahood.    Patrul Rinpoche


        Monday   June 7

         Discovering the Mandala                        7 pm - 9 pm

         Nam Chö Ngondro (Foundational Teachings) Mandala Offering Teaching

             'The Great Perfection: Buddha in the Palm of the Hand'

           About the Mandala Offering and Practice Diagrams


           We accumulate merit through the practice of mandala by cutting the root of attachment or desire. 

           The actual practice of generosity is not having a stingy mind or a mind full of desire. When you give

           up all attachment to external material belongings, then that is generosity. When you have that kind of

           practice of generosity, then you have the accumulation of merit. If we give a little thing, we accumulate

           some merit. If we give more, we also accumulate merit. If we give a great, huge thing, we also

           accumulate merit. According to the quantity, we accumulate that much merit.

           Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche


            This foundation of earth, strewn with flowers and purified with scented water,

            Adorned by Mt. Meru, the four continents, the sun and moon, 

            Visualized as a pure realm, is offered to the assembly of Buddhas.

            May all beings be reborn in that perfectly pure realm!  Mandala Offering Practice


        Tuesday  June 8    

        Guru Rinpoche Tsog* Shower of Blessings             7 pm - 9 pm

                                                    *No Charge - Donations Gratefully Accepted




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